Head Office

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Branch Manager Trainning (Pokhara)


First Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2nd  5th 6th

9th  8th  7th  3rd15940536_1514480021913523_2162988472815142737_n15941384_1514479718580220_2860707817539161875_n  15977227_1514479598580232_4142342497096462181_n  15965950_1514479931913532_3741989292384311839_n16105902_1514479875246871_8359601260963715309_n

Second Annual General Meeting


Half Yearly Branch Manager Trannning 2075 Magh


Newly appointed independent director of the board.

Fourth AGM Poush 12, 2076


Trainning of Fileld Staff (Poush 27-Magh 1, 2076)

Trainning of Branch Manager (Magh 24-25, 2076)